K U K & P A R F Y M E
Z I N E # 1

Kuk & Parfyme started out as a screening club located at the Kurant Art Space in Tromsø. In a cold concrete building by the docks of the Arctic Sea we screened films that reside somewhere in the louche landscape of political horror and queer trash art. The club screened films such as Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger, WR Mysteries of the Organism by Dusan Makavejev, Tornerose var et vakkert barn by Jytte Rex and The Cockettes by Bill Weber and David Weissman.
One of the intentions of the screening club was to initiate discussions about film and sexuality, and we see the zine as a continuation or perhaps a new strategy on how to talk/think/act//write/work with and about film, video art, cinema and images.
With the zine we trust in the blend of trash aesthetics and sexual politics to examine the possibilities of a different gaze.

Ingrid Forland [ed.]
Vebjørn ­Guttomsgaard Møllberg [ed.]
Contributors: Kaja Cxzy Andersen, Madeleine ­Bernstorff, Thelma ­Bonavita, Matilda Carlid, Ulrike Feser, Aksel ­Kielland, Ninna Poulsen, Julia Schönstädt, Nicolas Siepen, Slaves, Stine Sterk, Tim Stüttgen, Terre Thaemlitz and Livie Yo

NOK 80,- / € 10,-
If you want to buy a copy, send an e-mail to post@kukparfyme.no

Release with concert by Easter at Kurant in Tromsø
Release with lecture by Tim Stüttgen at Hordaland Art Centre in Bergen